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Scan, Inc.

My Experience with Scan, Inc.

Looking through sites on Google Ventures, I came across a company called Scan, Inc. I then went to their site, read up on them, and immediately LOVED what they were doing. I downloaded the app and looked into everything they were doing and knew that I wanted to work with them. However, I noticed that they didn’t have a Google+ presence. I went ahead and e-mailed their career e-mail, sending them a social network badge for Google+. I had figured that since they were backed by Google Ventures, they should have a presence that Google could easily see.

They agreed.

I got an e-mail from their CEO Garrett Gee that same night. He loved the idea and wanted to work with me on it. We talked on the phone the next week about my thoughts on this, and I also got to know even more about his venture. A week later I started my work in building up the scan Google+ page. I started by building a nice foundation, posting a lot of research on them as well as other articles that related to QR Codes. I even went as far as finding other posts and posting about those, giving +1’s all around and simply getting them out there. I ended my 2 weeks with them with a Public Google Hangout where I convinced Garrett to answer an hour worth of questions from people who just wanted to talk to a successful CEO of a startup. In the end, I am extremely pleased with the experience and I am glad to have made a new friend.

  • Skills : Social Networking
  • Client: Garrett Gee
  • Project URL: scan.me